Enso Hotel

With Enso Circle concept of perfect harmony in mind, Enso Hotel facilities are offered to ensure the convenience and well-being of our guests.

Traditional Massage

The preferred full body treatment to soothe your muscles. Using deep tissue massage technique, the pressure and stroking movements will relieve even the most tensely knotted muscle and resulted in better sleeping quality.

Aromatherapy Massage

A full body massage using aromatic oil. The scent from the oil will help to alleviate your jet lag, a recommended treatment for before or after your flight. Or simply when you wish to pamper yourself.

Body Scrub

Using Indonesian traditional blend body scrub, the treatment will help to refresh your skin and it will also feel smoother to the touch.

Head and Shoulder Massage

This massage applies pressure on the soft tissue around your neck, shoulders, and back to reduce muscular tension and ease day-to-day stress. Head and shoulder masssage is also believe can improve blood circulations.

Relaxing Foot Massage

Emphasizing in applying the right pressure to your foot reflex zones to promote relaxation and improve blood circulation. A foot massage is a soothing and relaxing treatment that also resulted in better sleeping quality. An ideal treatment after a long day at work.

Fitness Membership

Apply for our FItness program and get the most out of our services Apply Membership

Fitness Center

We understand the importance of maintaining physical health while travelling. Our fitness center is accessible daily for all in-house guests from 6 am until 10 pm, and it is equipped with cardiovascular training equipment and weight training equipment.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Nothing can surpassed the benefit of exposing oneself to the morning sunlight. Maintain your health with morning swimming in our outdoor swimming pool and let your skin absorbs the many benefits of morning rays, while you are basking in its warmth. You can also enjoy some relaxing afternoon swimming and revel in the gentle late afternoon breeze.

Our swimming pool is accessible daily from 6 am until 10 pm

Welcome Drink

Refresh yourself after a long journey with the nutritions packed infused water, available at a self service counter in our lobby.  Seasonal fruit is also available to ensure you get the daily dose of vitamin needed.